No Heat Needed With 3M Cold Shrink Tubes

No Heat Needed With 3M Cold Shrink Tubes

3M Cold Shrink Tubes

Cold shrink tubes are ideal for places where hot work permits are difficult to obtain, and they can be as easy and quick to install as heat shrink installations. Made in a series of open-ended, tubular rubber sleeves, they are supplied for field installations in a pre-stretched condition.

At ETS Cable Components we sell a wide range of 3M electrical products – a manufacturer who have been listed as the World’s Most Ethical Company three years running. 3M specialise in products which make people safer, more productive and healthier, along with safeguarding the environment.

Our range includes LV, MV and HV cable accessories, including 3M Silicone and EPDM Cold Shrink tubing, end caps and cable abandonment kits.

Why use 3M cold shrink tubes for your installations?

3M cold shrink tubes offer a huge number of advantages: they provide constant radial pressure and seal with adhesive; they allow for expansion and contraction after installation; they can be installed quickly with no tools or heat required; and they are extremely long-lasting.

Available in EPDM rubber and silicone, 3M Cold Shrink Tubes are ideal for electrical installations, cable repairs, mechanical protection and moisture barriers.

For primary insulations on a range of 1000v cables with copper or aluminium conductors, the 3M EPDM Cold Shrink Tubing would be ideal. This cold shrink tubing has extremely thick walls to resist punctures, along with being resistant to water, fungus, acids, alkalis and UV light.

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