Need To Purchase Cable Fixing Cleats?

Need To Purchase Cable Fixing Cleats?

Cable Fixing Clamps & Cable Cleats

Cable fixing cleats are designed to secure a range of different cables in a variety of installation types, including: corrosive environments, high short circuit conditions and even in the event of a fire.

When selecting cable fixing cleats, it’s important to understand the required application. For example, single core cables are often run in a trefoil format.

ETS offer a range of different Trefoil Cable Cleats depending on installation type

Included in this range are the Alpha Trefoil Cable Cleats which are manufactured from extruded aluminium, but can also be supplied with a polyester powder coated finish.

These standard Alpha cable cleats are extremely strong and robust and are often used in installations where a moderate amount of short circuit withstand is required. In addition, they will resist brittleness and contain no hinge pins that can often lead to corrosion.

Whether you’re looking for single-way, trefoil or quadrofoil cleats, you’ll find them among our huge range of stock.

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