Need To Purchase A Separable Connector?

Need To Purchase A Separable Connector?

Separable Connectors

Separable connectors are designed to connect a variety of cables to electrical equipment easily. They offer a useful alternative method for terminating cables; but as with any process, there are competing benefits and drawbacks.

There are many advantages to using separable connectors: if they are fully screened they are unaffected by adverse environmental conditions; tee connectors can be ‘piggybacked’ which allows more than one cable to be connected to a single bushing; they can be installed indoors or outdoors; and they can be utilised to joint cables together, using the appropriate mating part.

You can find out more about the advantages (and disadvantages) of using separable connectors on our blog. You can also discover more about the advantages of Screened Separable Connectors.

The market trend for separable connectors has been gearing towards those with higher equipment voltages (up to 42 kV), which can connect transformers, switchgear, motors and much more.

ETS Cable Components supply an excellent choice of Separable Connectors from the industry leading manufacturers Nexans Euromold and Elastimold, including screened separable connectors for the five main bushing interfaces: A, B, C, D and E.

At ETS Cable Components our range of separable connectors include the 480TB Interface C Connector, which offers excellent installation flexibility.

With its 1250A rating, this new product is ideal if you need compact connectors for higher equipment voltages (up to 42 kV).

Find out more about our range of Separable Connectors today.

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