Need to Order Stainless Steel Ties?

Need to Order Stainless Steel Ties?

ETS stock both highly engineered power cable accesories and those which are simple but extremely useful, like stainless steel ties.

Because of its excellent resistance to rust and stains, stainless steel is great for outdoor applications. Unlike carbon steel, it won’t rust even in wet environments, which is why it’s so popular for use as a construction material.  

Available in standard, heavy and extra heavy-duty variants, our stainless steel ties are also available in polyester coated or un-coated stainless steel.

Typical ties that we stock, include these medium-duty, high specification, 316 stainless steel rollerball cable ties . These cable ties have a retained, locking ball bearing which grips the tie strap and locks the tie as it’s tensioned. This makes them extremely easy to apply and remove if needed.

We also have all the tools need to install these cable ties to the highest standards, such as the DSTG cable tie tool, a budget, operator controlled tension tool for use with rollerball stainless steel cable ties. 

If you need to order stainless steel cable ties, simply get in touch today and we can discuss various options suitable for your application.  

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