Need A Trusted Supplier Of Nexans Euromold?

Need A Trusted Supplier Of Nexans Euromold?

Trusted Supplier Of Nexans Euromold

Nexans Euromold is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of prefabricated terminations for MV applications, and here at ETS Cable Component we are proud to be a supplier of these innovative products.

Part of the Nexans conglomerate, Euromold is a specialised designer and manufacturer that produce prefabricated cable accessories, including a complete range of accessories for underground cables. Their commitment to quality is demonstrated by their ISO 9001 certification.

Their compact separable connectors include Tee Connectors designed to connect polymeric insulated cables to equipment like transformers and switchgears. Their Screen Separable Connectors are quick and easy to install, fully screened for safety, have built-in stress relief and are maintenance-friendly.

We offer next day UK delivery on a range of products, including the Nexans Euromold Plug-In Elbow Connector Kit which is suitable for copper-wire screen cables up to 24kV U-Max. Although it might appear like a blow dryer in profile, this device is designed to allow cables to be connected together with greater ease, forming a disconnectable joint (dead-break only).

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