Need A Supplier Of Cold Shrink Joints?

Need A Supplier Of Cold Shrink Joints?

Coldshrink Joints

Do you need a supplier of the highest quality cold shrink joints?

Cold shrink joints offer many huge advantages including safer, faster and easier installations. They do not require special equipment or permits before installation and can help you achieve higher levels of efficiency and better performance while saving significant amounts of money.

Cold shrink joints also provide exceptional reliability and have excellent environmental sealings.

Unlike heat shrink installations, which are dependent on the skills of the installer and require torch and hot work permits, cold shrink joints are much easier to learn how to use. They are ideal for medium and high voltage connections and for installing in tight spaces or during wet weather.

At ETS Cable Components we have a range of cold shrink termination kits from 3M, including both armoured and unarmoured polymeric cables up to 52kV.

These are great for much safer installations, with less risk for cable jointer errors due to the reduced amount of critical steps and less hazardous working conditions. For example, there is no naked flame required.

We also regularly supply 3M 11kV Three-Core Straight Joints along with a wide range of accessories and supplementary kits available for transitional and PILC to PILC jointing.

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