Need a Supplier of Armoured Cable Joints?

Need a Supplier of Armoured Cable Joints?


Installing cables underground can expose them to many hazards, including mould growth, animal life and gnawing by rodents. One of the solutions to these types of problems is the use of armoured cable along with the correct type of cable joint.

Often known as SWA (steel wire armoured), these cables are protected by an armour which offers mechanical protection allowing for under-ground use. However, these can still be damaged, such as instances where heavy earth moving equipment is used. Therefore any joint used for these cables, needs to replicate the same mechanical and electrical properties.

Whether for above or below ground, our armoured cable joints promise exceptional protection for your cabling.

Whether you’re looking for armoured cable joints for high or low voltage applications, ETS Cable Components are a leading supplier and stockist of various types of cable joint including resin filled, heatshrink and coldshrink, working with leading brands including Birkett and 3M.

Established 35 years ago, Birkett is a top UK manufacturer of resin filled cable joints, mechanical connectors and cable jointing accessories. All their cable jointing kits are tested to the latest performance standard of BS EN 50393:2006.

If you’re looking to save time, labour and money, you might also want to consider 3M  coldshrink cable joints which are designed to be extremely easy to install and highly reliable.

View our range of armoured cable joints today or contact us on 020 8405 6789 or email with your project enquiries.