Medium Voltage Cable Joints

Medium Voltage Cable Joints

MV Cable Joints

Do you work in rail electrification and need to purchase medium voltage cable joints?

At ETS Cable Components we stock and distribute a range of 3M electrical supplies Power Cable Accessories for the railway industry.

With over 200 products that meet the Network Rail Parts and Design System (PADS), and has also become the UK rail industry standard, 3M is a brand you can trust. From LV joints, which can speed up installations, to the broadest range of cable terminations, 3M provides rail contractors with a vast array of products to suit their needs.

They are also the inventors of the world’s first vinyl electrical tape, which can be used for insulation, jointing, corrosion protection, wire identification and all-weather protection. See our extensive selection of 3M Scotch MV tapes that are designed to work with our range of MV termination kits.

3M’s Cold Shrink Cable Sealing Tubes are specified for rail cable sealing, insulation and protection and are approved for live rail terminations and inline cable joints. Depending on the application and speed required for the project, there is a range of standard and premium products with Cold Shrink technology available, to ensure a consistently high quality termination is achieved.

Where can I purchase Medium Voltage Cable Joints from 3M?

We offer a range of Medium Voltage Terminations and Joints for applications between 11-72kV.

For fast and simple jointing of cables up to 33kV, the 3M 11-33kV Cold Shrink Single-Core AWA Straight Joint Kits would be ideal as fewer critical steps and less hazardous working conditions are required. The 92-AG and 94-AC series of Cold Shrink QuickSplice MV single-core cable joints are supplied with a mechanical core connector and feature a single-piece design with built-in stress control and core re-screening.

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