Medium Voltage Cable Joints And Terminations

Medium Voltage Cable Joints And Terminations

MV Cable Joints & Terminations

Are you a rail contractor looking to purchase the highest quality electrical products?

If you’re looking for MV cable joints and terminations, ETS Cable Components is a leading distributor of PADs approved products from 3M.

This brand has produced over 200 products which meet the Network Rail’s Parts and Drawing System (PADs): the general standard for the rail industry.

More about 3M.

3M invented ‘Cold Shrink’ over 30 years ago and the technology is applied to a number of their products, including: Cable Joints, Terminations, Cable End Caps and Cable Abandonment kits.

Cold Shrink has proved popular as a cable termination and jointing technology for many reasons including its ease of use. You can watch a demonstration of how to use Cold Shrink pre-stretched tubes and also find a range of other 3M products here.

The brand was also the inventor of the world’s first vinyl electrical tape, with rail customers able to select from more than 30 tapes for insulation jointing.

At ETS, we are the nationwide distributor of power cable accessories with over 27 years in the trade.

Our Medium Voltage Terminations & Joints Brochure features a range of 3M Heatshrink and Coldshrink products suitable for applications between 11-72kV.

As well as 3M, we also supply Medium Voltage products from other leading manufacturers, such as Nexans and REPL. Browse our range of MV cable joints and terminations today or contact us on 020 8405 6789 or email: We’re always happy to help find the correct products to meet your project requirements.