Marker Kits For Cable Identifications

Marker Kits For Cable Identifications

ETS Cable Identification

As a nationwide supplier of power cable accessories, ETS Cable Components can help you carry out all kinds of work.

Our products include a range of Cable Markers and Insulation Products, such as our Z Type Marker Kits, which makes labelling and identifying cables extremely easy. Among this range is the Size 1 Cable Market Kit which can complement the standard range of markers and comes in a handy case for your convenience.

This pre-filled market kit is extremely easy to use and is designed to fit 0.75-4.0mm2 conductors. The kit comes supplied with all figures in black and white and a PUJ40 application thimble. With 500 pieces included in the kit, it will be a long time before you need to restock!

We also have this Size O Kit which is designed to fit 0.5-0.75mm2 conductors and PAL Size 2 Cable Market Kit designed for 2.5-16mm2 conductors. The latter includes 1500 pieces in various colours including yellow, red, blue, purple and green.

You’ll find it has a variety of symbols including 100 x A, E, L, N, R, S, T, +, – and the earth symbol.

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