Looking To Purchase The Best Torpedo Joints?

Looking To Purchase The Best Torpedo Joints?

Torpedo Joints

Are you looking for a cost-effective way for jointing in-line conductors?

At ETS Cable Components our expansive range of products include Torpedo Joints from top manufacturers such as 3M and Birkett: two of the world’s leading manufacturers of power cable accessories.

Why choose Birkett Torpedo Joints?

Established 35 years ago, Birkett not only produces high quality torpedo joints, they also make complete kits that come with all the requisite components required to make off a cable joint. They specialise in producing low voltage cold pour resin filled cable joints, mechanical core connectors and cable jointing accessories.

Birkett Torpedo Joints are extremely affordable, with ETS Cable Components always aiming to deliver the best price for this popular brand.

Birkett were the first manufacturer to independently test their cable jointing kits to the latest performance standard BS EN 50393:2006. Their torpedo joints all come supplied with a premium earth continuity kit to screen short circuit requirements of BS EN 50393.

The many benefits of 3M Torpedo Joints.

Like Birkett, 3M have always led the way in the manufacturing of cable jointing accessories, and their products include ATEX resin joints which are flame and hydrocarbon resistance, along with halogen free.

This manufacturer has been supplying cable accessories and resin for use in hazardous areas for over 25 years and have carried out extensive research into the effects of hydro-carbons and chemical solvents on resin encapsulants.

View our range of cable joints at ETS Cable Components today.