Looking To Buy Low Voltage Cable Joints?

Looking To Buy Low Voltage Cable Joints?

Low Voltage Cable Joints

Using good quality cable joints will reduce the amount of time and labour usually involved when joining electrical cables. A cable joint not only provides the required connection between conductors, but is also designed in a way which is intended to reflect the construction of the cable itself.

When specifying cable joints, it’s vital to consider a number of different factors, including the voltage; whether it’s for internal/external use, if it’s going to be buried or even if the joint will be exposed to hazardous atmospheric conditions.

Cable joints are designed for low, medium and high voltages, and in different application types such as coldshrink and heatshrink as well for different cable configurations such as, branch, transition and straight installations.

At ETS Cable Components we have a range of low voltage cable joints, oversleeving and cable jointing accessories.

Our Low Voltage Cables Joints, also known as torpedo joints after its ‘torpedo-like’ appearance, include a number of LV Cable Joints which are resin filled and ideal for connections that require this protection. All our low voltage cable joints will ensure a safe connection is made and the least amount of waste is produced.

Among our range of LV cable joints are these Birkett Resin Filled Straight Cables Joints. Birkett LV Cable Joints come from their premium range of LV Straight Joints with a transparent two-part polyurethane SWISHPAK resin mixing system.

As the largest and most versatile joint shells on the market, they can be used for core-crossing and with both compression splices or mechanical core connectors.

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