Looking for UK Suppliers of Jointers Tools?

Looking for UK Suppliers of Jointers Tools?


With an extensive selection of tools and accessories designed to aid cable jointers, you’ll be in safe hands with ETS Cable Components.

Our range of Cable Jointers Tools will ensure you have high quality tools to assist in the construction of a good joint so that it can be stable and reliable, both electrically and mechanically.

Supplying the tradefor over 27 years

We are official suppliers and distributors of manufacturers including Ellis, and stock their Cable Core Twisters. These are made in Acetal and are designed to aid the cable jointer to align the cores before jointing and in the manipulation of bare or insulated cable cores.

The Derancourt ETAU RSM Mechanical Connector Holding Tool is a useful hand-held clamp for securely holding all types of mechanical core connectors during the installation process. With high-quality aluminium alloy clamps, stainless steel columns and central screw for adjustment, the connector holding tool can also be used to roughen the cable outer sheath where required. For our full Derancourt range, please click here.

Exclusively developed for ETS Cable Components, the Seivert Gas Torch Kits are ideal for installing heatshrink materials. This kit is suitable for use in the installation of thick wall, 11-33kV heatshrink tubings, mouldings and cable sheath repair sleeves.

Nationwide distributor and next-day delivery service

We are specialist distributors of power cable accessories and suppliers of top manufacturers.With excellent levels of stock and our next-day delivery service, we’re ideal for any company in the UK. We’re here to help, find out more about ETS Cable Components here or give us a call on +44(0) 20 8405 6789.