Looking For UK Suppliers Of Hydraulic Crimpers?

Looking For UK Suppliers Of Hydraulic Crimpers?

Hydraulic Crimping Tools

When you are terminating armoured cables, you need versatile tools that will work on both insulated and non-insulated terminals. Although crimping need not be a complex process, it has to be done to high standards. Hydraulic crimpers get the job done quickly and efficiently, no matter how tough the wires.

ETS Cable Components are suppliers and distributors of a range of hydraulic crimpers for applications up to 1000sqmm. All our tools come from top brands, including these hydraulic crimpers from Cembre.

Our Cembre Hydraulic Crimpers.

Among this range we have this Cembre HT131-C Hydraulic Crimping Tool (10-400mm2), which has a two-speed ram advance to allow for easy positioning of the connector. With its built-in safety valve, it will bypass the oil supply when maximum pressure is reached. There are a wide range of die-sets available for this tool, although they must be ordered separately.

Another high quality hydraulic crimper from Cembre is the HT131-C Crimping Tool, which is available for both long term or short term hire.

Who are we?

ETS Cable Components are UK suppliers that work throughout the UK. Our policy has always been to provide quality products and customer service on a continuous basis.

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