Looking For UK Suppliers Of Cable Clamps?

Looking For UK Suppliers Of Cable Clamps?

Cable Fixing Clamps & Cable Cleats

Cable clamps, also known as cable cleats, play an important role in every day engineering work. Used for securing a range of different single and multiple cable types, cable clamps and cleats play the essential role of retaining cables in position in the event of a short-circuit. These strong accessories are used in everything from the automotive industry to the construction of new homes. When buying cable clamps, it’s important to consider the size and shape of the system being implemented.

Whether you’re after single way clamps, trefoil 3 way clamps, quad 4 way clamps or multiple way cable clamps, ETS Cable Components are trusted UK suppliers of these accessories.

If your cables are to run over a long horizontal space, such as Public Mass Transport systems and tunnel installations, we also offer Hanger System solutions, perfect for organising and securing long runs of cables. Built for durability and strength, our range of hanger system solutions will get the job done.

As a trusted UK supplier, our LUL Approved LSF Cable Clamps have been used extensively on the London Underground Network.

Get your cable clamps delivered UK wide the next day.

With 24-hour next day deliveries, ETS Cable Components are perfect for anybody looking for a fast, efficient UK supplier of power cable accessories. We have been supplying the trade for nearly 30 years and can offer advice on the type of cable clamps you require as well as installation tips.

Along with cable clamps, we sell and rent out a massive range of equipment, including Cable Cleats, Cable Jointing and Terminating accessories, Flexible Conduits, Corrosion Protection and much more.

Our tough, high quality cable clamps will always get the job done.

View our comprehensive range of cable clamps.