Looking For High Quality Cable Terminals?

Looking For High Quality Cable Terminals?

ETS Cable Terminals

Are you looking for an extensive range of cable terminals to suit copper or aluminium conductors?

ETS Cable Components stock a huge range of LV-MV crimp lugs, mechanical connectors and terminals, from top brands like Cembre, Nexans GPH and Pfisterer SICON. Our collection includes LV Mechanical Terminals, Bi-Metallic Terminals and Pre-insulated Terminals.

Our range of bolt fixing transformer terminals includes the Cembre 4 Bolt Fixing Transformer Terminals which are designed to fit most common transformer fixings. This Cembre transformer is manufactured from high-conductivity seamless copper tube to EN 12735 and is electrolytically plated to BS1872 as standard.

Each lug has a chamfered conductor entry and visual inspection holes.

Maximum clamping force from the Pfisterer SICON range.

Our Cable Terminals also include Pfisterer SICON Mechanical Cable Terminals which are ideal for MV cables between 11kV and 33kV. These products have many unique features, including a compact design with rounded edges, smooth breakage of the shear bolt and superior compressive force. They are also internally grooved to aid electrical connections and protect against oxidisation.

These mechanical cable lugs deliver unbeatable compressive force, making them even suitable for Class-5 stranded conductors. They are suitable for all types of Coldshrink and Heatshrink products.

ETS Cable Components are a national distributor of power cable accessories, and can offer next day UK delivery on all our products. Contact us on +44(0) 20 8405 6789 for more information.

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