Looking For Cable Trays, Unistrut And Cable Ladders?

Looking For Cable Trays, Unistrut And Cable Ladders?

Cable Trays, Unistrut And Cable Ladders

At ETS, we have a wide range of pre-galvanised and hot-dip galvanised steel cable management systems, including Unistrut, a manufacturer who specialises in creating innovative steel cable management systems. Ideal for the utilities market, we stock and distribute nationwide quality power cable accessories from top manufacturers.

Our catalogue of cable management systems is renowned for their product quality and suitable for the electrical, mechanical and industrial sectors.

More about Unistrut.

Unistrut began by supplying products to the mechanical market in the 1930s, including their original Metal Framing System which provides a quick, economical way to build both permanent and temporary structures. They have many decades of experience producing the most innovative products, including cable management solutions for the utilities market.

Along with Unistrut, we stock advanced metal framing systems available in a number of lengths, widths and configurations. Our range also include channel nuts, channel brackets and accessories, threaded rods, fixings, and cable tray accessories.

Why not browse our collection of Cable Tray, Unistrut and Cable Ladders? Or for more information get in touch today on +44 (0) 20 8405 6789 or email sales@etscablecomponents.com. We’re here to help.