Lightning Protection For Your Critical Systems And Buildings

Lightning Protection For Your Critical Systems And Buildings

ETS Lightning Protection For Systems & Buildings

Five times hotter than the surface of the sun and striking the earth 100 times a second, lightning is a powerful force. Around 2,000 people a year are killed by this natural phenomenon and hundreds more suffer injuries with lasting symptoms.

Since air is a poor conductor of electricity, lightning is attracted to anything which is higher above the ground – and the higher the better. Consequently, it has caused many catastrophic events, including the short-circuiting of major transmission lines in New York when the Consolidated Edison electrical transmission line was stuck. Power was lost for 25 hours and led to people becoming trapped in subways and elevators.

As modern city landscapes evolve and buildings reach higher into the skies, the need for lightning protection is greater than ever.

Lighting protection systems are there to intercept a lightning strike and provide a safe path for the electricity to reach the ground.

The first step is to capture the lightning strike, then convey the energy to the ground; the energy should then be dissipated into a grounding system. A good lightning protection system will bond all ground points together, protect incoming AC power feeders, and protect low-voltage data and telecommunications cables.

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