Leading Suppliers Of Nexans Euromold

Leading Suppliers Of Nexans Euromold

Nexans Euromold

ETS Cable Components stock a range of different medium voltage terminations, including products from Nexans Euromold, a leading manufacturer of prefabricated termination products.

They provide dead-break separable connector systems in five main bushing interface types for connecting cables to MV switchgear, transformers and protection devices. The separable connection system is also suitable for cable-to cable connection, as well as multi-way connections and is augmented by a range of MV junction boxes, widely used within the renewable industry,

Individually tested before leaving the factory, Nexans Euromold MV screened separable elbows and tee connectors offer many advantages, including the fact they’re:

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Enable touchproof termination
  • Have in-built stress relief
  • Are readily dis-connectable.

Meanwhile, Nexans Euromold HV Cable Connector Systems require no minimum distance clearances and are safe to touch when energised.  They can create fully watertight connections, suitable for outdoor use without a cable box, and are quick to install by trained cable jointers.

Among our range of products is the Nexans Euromold  U-Max Bolted Tee Connector Kit. Designed to connect all polymeric screened cables to 600 series, it is suitable for copper-wire screen cables up to 24kV U-Max.

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