High Quality Cable Sealing Ends For The Rail Industry

High Quality Cable Sealing Ends For The Rail Industry

Cable Sealing Ends

Do you need to buy products for the rail industry, and are looking for cable sealing ends?

Look towards ETS Cable Components: a leading stockist of LV-HV electrical equipment for power distribution in the rail industry.

We have supplied products to many prestigious rail electrification and mass transit projects, including HS1, Thameslink Blackfriars, Crossrail and the West Coast Mainline.

ETS stock products for everything from rail electrification, rolling stock and overhead lines, to containment, signalling, rail tunnels and trackside. All our network rail products are from top brands, such as 3M, and you can be assured all are PADS approved.

3M specialise in environmentally-friendly, mechanically protected cable ends which can be applied with no tools, mastics or tapes. This brand of products for the rail industry offer many benefits: they are simple and fast to install, with a wide range of cable sizes accommodated; 3M cable sealing ends can also be easily removed and offer good abrasion resistance.

Our range includes the 3M EC-Series which resist moisture, acids, alkalis, ozone and light.

Among our range of cable sealing products are the 3M Network Specified Cold Shrink Permanent Sealing Tubes. Expanding and contracting under load conditions, their thick wall of tubing will help it to resist punctures and remain resilient, even after years of ageing and exposure.

Our sealing ends include the 3M Shrink End Caps which are close-ended and pre-stretched. Again, they have a thick wall to resist punctures and require no heat. When positioned over the cable end, the core can be removed with no special tooling.

Check out our range of products for the rail industry today.

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