High Quality Cable Identification Products

High Quality Cable Identification Products

Cable Identification

While it might seem an extremely simple task, cable identification makes all the difference to how quickly and accurately you can work. Labelling cables makes solving problems in the future much easier, enabling you to effectively keep track of which cable is which.

It will also make work make much safer for everybody involved, reducing the risk of making costly mistakes. When you can easily identify cables, trouble shooting and maintenance procedures are much easier, therefore reducing the risk of needing repairs.

Labelling cables will also lead to more effective audit compliance and quality assurance.

ETS Cable Components are a highly reliable supplier of cable markers and insulation products.

At ETS Cable Components have a selection of products to make cable labelling, marking and identification easier, including the MARKINGenius 3 which is an exclusive automated marking system. This PC-driven, high resolution, desktop printer is ideal for producing markers for cables, terminals, push buttons and panel mounted components.

Compact, quiet, clean and easy-to-use, this printer offers unparalleled speeds and print quality for your cable markers.

Our Cable Identification Products also include chevron cable markers, cable tiles and markers, rubber switchgear matting and Z type cable markers. For more information, simply browse our range of cable markers and insulation products. Or simply get in touch with our friendly team today on +44 (0) 20 8405 6789.