Explore Our Collection Of Hydraulic Crimpers

Explore Our Collection Of Hydraulic Crimpers

Hydraulic Crimpers

Whether you’re looking to buy or hire a hydraulic crimper, ETS Cable Components have a wide range of the latest crimping and cutting tools.

Among our range are hand-held, hydraulic and battery-powered Cembre crimpers. This leading brand started studying battery-powered hydraulic tools in 2000 and already had years of experience in the development and production of manual hydraulic heads and tools. 

All these styles of crimper offer different advantages. For instance, hand-held hydraulic crimpers are ideal if you need more lightweight tools which are highly convenient.

ETS Cable Components are stockists and distributors of a range of Cembre hydraulic crimping tools along with compression heads for applications up to 1000sqmm.

Among our range is the Cembre HT51 Hydraulic Tool which is both lightweight and compact. Sold with a 12-month warranty, it also comes with a calibration certificate and a protective polypropylene case, suitable for the storage of the tool and up to 20 die sets.

If you choose to hire one of our hydraulic crimpers, they’re all fully serviced and calibrated before dispatch. We also offer a wide range of accessories to take care of hydraulic crimpers.

For more information on our hydraulic crimpers, simply contact us today.

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