Electrical Earthing And Lightning Protection

Electrical Earthing And Lightning Protection

ETS Electrical Earthing & Lightning Protection

After the hottest April in 70 years, forecasters are predicting we’ll be experiencing thunder storms in the next couple of days. Does your building have the lightning protection it needs?

A common occurrence during summer, lightning occurs in the updraft and downdraft of thunder storms.

Although most lightning bolts happen within the clouds, sometimes they escape and reach for the ground. Though it might last only for a fraction of a second, the path reaches temperatures which are five times hotter than the sun.

Lightning is an extraordinarily powerful force and takes more lives in the US than hurricanes and tornadoes. The phenomenon is most prevalent in central Africa, the Himalayas and South America, but obviously it can happen anywhere, including here in the UK where it’s important to have a risk assessment to determine whether your building needs lightning protection.

About 100 lightning bolts strike the earth every second, but they’re most attracted to tall objects, which is why protection is so important for high buildings and critical systems.

At ETS Cable Components we have a range of electrical earthing and lightning protection products, enabling you to protect critical systems and buildings in event of lightning strikes. Our range includes Earth Bars, Copper Bonded Earth Rods, Clamps, Earthing Inspection Pits and much more.

Why not explore our lightning protection products today? For more information, read our blog When Lightning Strikes to find out how you can have first-class lightning protection.