Easy to use Hydraulic Crimpers

Easy to use Hydraulic Crimpers

If you’re looking for hydraulic crimpers, you can’t go wrong with leading Italian manufacturer Cembre – one of the many high-quality brands ETS Cable Components are approved stockist and distributors of.

With their unparalleled know-how and continuous innovation, Cembre is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of electrical compression connectors and related installation tooling. Highly reliable and easy to use, their products are made using the latest technology like 3D dimensional CAD and prototyping equipment such as 3D printers.

When it comes to hydraulic tools, Cembre makes those which are highly convenient to use and can involve minimum arm effort when it comes to operating the device. Offering both hand-held and portable hydraulic crimpers, they can make even the most repetitive tasks much easier and less time consuming, preventing you from developing that unpleasant RSD while working. Their range also include professional manual hydraulic crimpers for crimping electrical connectors.

At ETS Cable Components we stock both hand-held hydraulic crimpers and battery powered Cembre crimpers for purchase or hire, along with compression heads for applications up to 1000sqmm.

Having supplied the trade for almost 30 years, ETS Cable Components can be relied upon to deliver your high-quality tooling as quickly as possible. All our products are fully serviced and calibrated before they are dispatched.

For more information, explore our range of hydraulic crimpers today or contact us to get your hydraulic crimping and cutting tools repaired and calibrated.