Easy to Use Cable Marking Machines

Easy to Use Cable Marking Machines

What simple task can save huge amounts of time when it comes to electrical work? Many would argue it’s the process of marking your cables for future identification.

At ETS Cable Components we have an extensive range of products to make this procedure much easier, including cable marking machines that satisfy all the requirements of the electrical industry.

Today, almost all professional cable installations are labelled, because it’s not only practical, but makes work look like it’s been carried out to the highest standards.

There are three main reasons to mark cables for identification: one, it makes work safer and prevents serious injuries; two, it saves significant amounts of time; and three, it simplifies the process of altering a wire assembly. Many non-professionals miss out this critical step because although it is not difficult, it can be time consuming.

No matter how big or small a project, marking your cables is an important part of any job, and ETS Cable Components can make it much quicker with our cable marking machines.

The Cembre MARKINGenius 3 is a PC driven, high resolution desktop printer which offers an automated marking system. Compact, quiet and extremely easy to use, this cable marking machine offers the ultimate solution for this type of work.

Designed exclusively by Cembre for the identification of conductors and electrical components, it can easily be stored in any office space. It has over 4,000 colours to choose from for your cable markers, along with Windows True Type fonts in black.

Contact us to arrange a demonstration at your office or on site. We also offer an in-house printing service that works with your cable schedule in an excel format. For further information, call us on 020 8405 6789 or email: sales@etscablecomponents.com.