Distributors of 3M Coldshrink Cable Joints

Distributors of 3M Coldshrink Cable Joints

Coldshink technology is popular in certain cable termination / jointing installations, as it can be a quicker and easier way to install as well safer. It can be installed without the use of tools like gas torches or naked flames, which reduces downtime and the requirement for a hot works permit on site.

Cold shrink joints are often the first choice in certain applications including hazardous area, utilities, rail and we stock a range of Network Rail PADS approved joints, terminations along with other cable accessories.

Invented over 40 years ago by 3M, cold shrink technology is designed to make cable insulating and termination as simple as possible.

Their Cold shrink tubing has a plastic coil which is placed over the joint or cable end; this inner spiral is then pulled out, the insulating tube then contracts to its pre-stretched size and shrinks onto the cable, exerting constant radial pressure for the lifetime of the joint or termination. The tubes are made from extruded EPDM or silicone that are stretched onto a spiral core.

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