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Crimping Tool Suppliers In The UK

ETS Crimping Tool

Looking for crimping tools that make rapid but long-lasting connections?

When conjoining two pieces of metal, the connection should be safe, secure and long-lasting. As crimping is a cold-working technique, it can be used to create an incredibly strong bond between a workpiece and non-metallic component.

When looking for crimping tools, you need a tool that reduces the risk of errors being made during the process: for example, the problem of over-tightened terminals.

While a tighter crimp might seem more conducive to this process, this isn’t the case: an over-tightened terminal will reduce the cross-wire section. Another problem is a loose crimp or the wrong ratio of wire to terminal, resulting in hotspots or burnout.

Quality tools are an essential part of the crimping process, with ETS Cable Components one of the top UK suppliers of this type of product.

As an approved stockist and distributor of Cembre electrical connectors, installation tooling and equipment, ETS Cable Components can advise you on the right crimper for your project.

We have a range of hand-held, hydraulic and battery powered Cembre crimpers available for purchase or hire. Cembre’s hand-held tools are ideal for anybody looking for ease-of-use during repetitive operations, and suitable for different levels of experience.

We are not only a supplier of Cembre crimping tools, but can provide repairs and calibration services.

Find out more about our range of Crimping Tools or for further information, please call us on 020 8405 6789 or email with your project enquiries.