Cold Shrink Joints From 3M

Cold Shrink Joints From 3M

ETS Cold Shrink Joints

When cables are installed in a hot environment, there are significant health and safety risks, especially when there are naked flames or atmospheric combustible substances involved.

Cold shrink joints are ideal for cables which expand due to heat, since they expand with the cable and then shrink back down. Moulded round a cable joint or termination under its own elasticity, cold shrink technology doesn’t require special tools or installation techniques, making it much easier to install than heat shrink tubing.

This type of technology has replaced heat shrink as the standard for cable abandonment, jointing and the terminating of low voltage cables. They provide extremely reliable electrical insulation along with protection against moisture and contamination.

ETS Cable Components are stockists and suppliers of the latest cold shrink technology, including Single-Core Straight Joints and Three Core Straight Joints and from top manufacturer 3M.

Silicone rubber is the material of choice for 3M’s cold shrink joints since it is hydrophobic, making it ideal for outdoor installations. Furthermore, it is mostly inorganic which means any leaks on the surface will not create any problems. With their first-class safety record, 3M cold shrink joints are renowned for having no hidden dangers.

Among our range are the 3M 11kV Cold Shrink Protection Tubes which have a moisture and dust resistant seal around their QS1000 joint bodies.

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