Cold Shrink Joints

Cold Shrink Joints

Cold Shrink Joints

ETS Cable Components– are stockists and distributors of 3M’s range of Cold Shrink Joints and here we will aim to explain a bit more about the design behind these products and their typical applications

Why use Cold Shrink Joints?

Cold Shrink technology has replaced traditional heat shrink in many applications, Although they may look similar, Cold Shrink and Heat Shrink tubing have differing key characteristics. They both require different installation techniques, applications and physical properties.

One of the main benefits of using Cold Shrink is the ease of application. The tubing is already expanded over a removable plastic core that can be slid over the cable joint or termination, and once the core is removed, the tube moulds around using its own elasticity to create a watertight-seal. This is due to the ‘active memory’ contained within the EPDM rubber or silicone material.

Heat Shrink joints are also pre-stretched, but these are sleeves. In order to create a seal over the cable or joint, heat, usually from a gas torch, is used to shrink the polyolefin tubing back to its original size.

Unlike Heat Shrink, Cold Shrink joints require no naked flames or gas torches, nor any ignition tuning or ‘hot work’ permit applications. With the quality and reliability of installation guaranteed, Cold Shrink joints are an excellent alternative to the sometimes hazardous use of Heat Shrink joints.

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At ETS Cable Components we have a huge range of Cold Shrink products, including termination kits, straight joint kits, cable modules, tubing, and end caps.

Among our catalogue of Cold Shrink joints, we have 3M 11-52kV Cold Shrink Single-Core UNARMOURED Straight Joint Kits. This kit is suitable for all common polymeric, insulated, unarmoured Medium Voltage cables at various U-Max levels.

We have an extensive range of Cold Shrink products to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for Cold Shrink Single Core or Three-Core Straight Joints, or need advice on power cable accessories, we’re here to help. Contact us now on +44(0) 20 8405 6789.