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The ability to quickly and effortlessly identify cables is vital not only for project efficiency, but more importantly, safety. Choosing a suitable marker will greatly depend on the environment and situation it will be used in. The identification marker needs to be made of the right material to match the application and need.

For marking cables of varying sizes, heatshrink cable markers would be a suitable solution. Heatshrink cable markers not only work in extreme temperatures of between -55°C up to +135°C, they are also more secure as the tubing shrinks to fit around the cables.

However, if a project is time constraint, having access to an on-site cable marking machine will help greatly in reducing the need to wait for the production and delivery of labels. Instead, labels can be produced as and when required, and any amendments can also be made without delay.

At ETS Cable Components, we have a selection of cable labelling, marking and identification products.

Whether you’re looking for clip on cable markers, or cable marking machines, you’ll find ETS Cable Components is a highly reliable UK supplier.

Our cable marking machines include the Cembre MARKINGenius 3 – MG3, which has been exclusively designed to satisfy all requirements for equipment identification in the electrical industry. This cable marking machine is a high resolution printer, based on thermal transfer technology.

It is suitable for producing markers for cables, terminals, push buttons and all electrical panels, components and equipment. With this device, you’ll have more than 150,000 cable tags with no maintenance required. For more details, see the datasheet here.

ETS Cable Components offer next day delivery on all cable markers.

As UK suppliers of cable identification products, ETS Cable Components can supply and deliver everything from EZ Chevron Cable Marker to Concrete Cable Tiles anywhere in the UK.

Following a number of incidents and the HSE having warned the construction industry to be more aware of the dangers of working near live underground services, it is even more important to be able to clearly identify where cables are. Read our blog on Simple Ways To Reduce Buried Cable Risks and if you’re looking to identify and protect underground or buried power cables, we have a range of suitable Cable Tiles and Markers.

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