Cable Glands For Hazardous Areas

Cable Glands For Hazardous Areas

Hazardous Area Glands

Do you work in a combustible environment that requires flame-proof glands?

Although the cost of a cable gland is low compared to other equipment, the price of it failing is extremely high.

Although cheap cable glands might be tempting, you could be taking serious risks when it comes to the integrity of your connection. For more information, you can always check out our blog on the dangers of using budget cable glands.

ETS Cable Components frequently supply power cable accessories for hazardous areas. Our products including explosion-proof, flame-proof and submersible glands.

Designed to terminate cables into flameproof or safety equipment in hazardous locations, these types of cable glands provide a weather and gas-proof sealed connection. They will prevent the cable from being pulled out or twisted, providing a secure grounding for the cable armour.

All our cable glands, including those for hazardous areas, are covered by European legislation and comply with their standards. We have an extensive range of brass and aluminium cable glands which are designed to suit a wide range of applications.

Among our range are these A2F Brass Flameproof Cable Glands which provide IP66/67/68 environmental seals onto the cable’s outer sheath. Their entry threads provide a IP54 protection rating, but this can be increased to IP66 with the use of a nylon thread washer. Alternatively it can be increased to IP68 deluge protected with the addition of an O-ring.

Browse our range of cable glands for hazardous areas. Or for more information, simply get in touch with our friendly team today on 020 8405 6789.