Q&A: What are the differences between crimp connectors and mechanical shear-bolt type connectors?


What are the advantages or differences between using mechanical connectors over the traditional crimp connector system?


Crimp connectors have been popular for many years, but mechanical connectors with bolt heads, which shear off once a certain torque, are becoming universally acceptable.

The advantages a modern mechanical connector has over crimp connectors are:

  1. They are range taking.
  2. They do not require the additional expense of crimping systems.
  3. Eliminates the chance of the jointer using an incorrect die set.
  4. No sharp edges, which may be caused when using hexagonal die-sets.

However, there are 3 distinct disadvantages to using connectors with shear-bolt technology:

  1. Mechanical terminals can be considered more expensive than traditional crimp systems, especially if the end user is fully tooled up for crimping.
  2. It has a larger profile than its crimp connector equivalent, therefore all systems may not be easily installed. Especially push-on types.
  3. The cross-section may not always be symmetrical, which can make treatment over the connector area more critical.

These pro’s and con’s need to be considered when deciding on choosing a mechanical or crimp connector system. Contact our sales team for more information on the best lug types for your application and to find out more about our range of cable connectors and terminals.

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