Q&A: Maintaining an IP66 seal throughout a cable gland connection and equipment entry


I need to install a brass CW gland into an IP66 enclosure, however I need to ensure the IP rating is maintained throughout the cable connection and equipment entry. How is this done?


All cable glands are supplied with an IP (ingress protection) rating, which refers to the level of sealing effectiveness as defined in IEC 60529 (Formerly BS EN 60529:1992).

It is important to note that the IP rating of a cable gland relates to the outer seal of the cable gland, where the cable itself is connected to the gland. 

maintaining an IP66 seal throughout cable gland equipment entry

The IP rating supplied with the gland, usually does not related to the protection offered to the equipment or enclosure entry. Even if the enclosure itself is, for example, IP66 rated, most glands will only provide protection to IP54.

Where this is the case, a nylon washer (also known as an entry thread washer) should be installed between the cable gland and the equipment entry, as per the diagram above. The addition of a nylon washer, or red fibre washer for Hazardous Areas, increases the ingress protection to IP66.

Although there are gland types that come supplied with entry thread washers, it is important to check individual cable gland design for more information regarding outer seal and equipment entry Ingress Protection ratings.

If you’re unsure, please contact a member of our Sales Team and we’ll be happy to advise you on the correct cable gland and IP rating for your requirements.

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