Q&A: How Do I Use A Trefoil Cleat on Triplex Cables?


I need to secure a cable in triplex formation with the use of a trefoil cleat, how would I go about doing this?


Triplex cables are formed by having their three cores twisted around each other, this causes an issue when trying to secure the cable with traditional trefoil cleats. As the relative position of the cable varies along the cable run, the three cores will be in a different ‘twisted’ position at each cleat interval.

triplex cable

The overcome this problem, a SFT triplex cable former is available. The inner liner is applied around the cable, giving it a uniform profile allowing it to be fixed within a two-bolt LSF, VRT Vulcan or single way ES Emperor cable cleat.

The triplex liner is manufactured from LSF Zero Halogen (LSZH) materials and thus is suitable for applications where LSZH properties are required.

nylon-two-bolt-cleat-triplex vulcan-cleat-triplex emperor-cleat-triplex
2LSF Cleat with Triplex Liner Vulcan Cleat with Triplex Liner Emperor Cleat with Triplex Liner

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