Nexans WINDLINK Offshore Junction Cabinets for Offshore Wind Farms

Nexans WINDLINK enclosures for offshore wind farms aim to reduce installation time on site as well as offering considerable cost savings. The available range of offshore junction cabinets (OJC) and frames for use in turbine towers, along with the ability to manufacture and supply pre-terminated leads offer considerable cost saving compared to traditional cable installation in the towers.

For offshore wind farms, the Nexans offshore junction cabinet/chamber can be used as a connection point for tower cables to subsea array cables. This can be used as a demarcation point between tower / transition piece and/or array cable responsible parties.

nexans offshore junction cabinets enclosures for offshore wind farms nexans OJC enclosures

Fully commissioned and tested

Rated up to 42kV, the offshore cabinet is manufactured from marine grade 316L stainless steel, with a robust design with IP66 protection (BS EN 60529:1992), specifically suitable for use in offshore weather conditions.

The Nexans junction cabinet has been short circuit tested to DIN VDE 0278-626-1 (HD 629.1 S2:2006 + A1:2008). 2009:07. EN IEC 61442, IEC62271-201: High Voltage switchgear and control gear.

Accessories and reliability

These Nexans offshore enclosures can be equipped with different connector combinations and surge arresters to protect tower equipment from HV surges. These, together with pre-terminated and tested leads to connect the junction cabinet with turbine tower equipment, we believe reduces the installation time and increases the quality of the installation.

All Medium Voltage connection cabinets are reliable, safe and can be tailored to meet customer specific requirements. It can provide a convenient test point and can help with earlier generation of power.

Benefits of the Nexans OJC

– Chamber design is specifically suitable to be installed in the severe conditions of the transition piece of the tower.
– Easy to install due to high accessibility.
– Ideal test and demarcation point.
– Time saving.
– Reducing overal cost of installation.
– Possibility to use pre-terminated and tested jumpers to tower equipment.

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