Using the VRQ+ Vulcan Quadrofoil Cleat In A Single Phase

The VRQ+ Vulcan Quadrofoil cable cleat is principally designed to restrain and support single-core cables routed in dedicated TPN (three-phase & neutral) circuits.

The VRQ+ range can also, hypothetically, be used to restrain four, single-core cables running in parallel and forming one single phase. BUT, sufficient air-clearances around each phase need to be maintained due to heat-cycling.

Air-clearance between phase formations

The BS7671 standard is not completely clear on the necessary air-clearance required, but it is generally accepted that the minimum clearance required is the diameter of at least one cable. It is important to consider that four single-core cables in parallel would equate to one “cable diameter”, we would advise that at least the overall width of the four single-core cable formation be used.

For example, if you had four cables each of 50mm diameter, their Quad formation would be 100mm width. Therefore, there should be at least 100mm free air-space between phase formations.

Cleating in limited space

Due to space limitations, this sort of installation may not be feasible on site. If this is the case we would advise that the cables are run in three-phase sets within VRT+ trefoil cleats, with the neutrals stacked within our single way aluminium cleats. Please contact our Sales Team for more information.

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