Genuine LSF Gland Shrouds vs Non-Genuine LSF Shrouds

In recent years there has been a massive influx of imported products, such as cable gland shrouds, which claim to have equal characteristics to their traditional counterparts. Our video outlines the difference in quality between genuine LSF gland shrouds and ‘economy’ LSF shrouds.


“The following video clip demonstrates the differences in so called LSF termination components. The first shroud in the video is an imported low smoke alternative, which is marketed by some companies as a cost effective or economy LSF range.

As the demonstration shows, the shroud immediately catches alight emitting a thick black toxic smoke and does not exhibit any self-extinguishing characteristics. This is clearly not LSF. In addition, glands that these shrouds are generally supplied with are inferior in both design a brass content, causing badly fitting components and poor earthing capabilities. If you are asking for an improved LSF termination, is this the quality of material you would expect?

Genuine LSF, low smoke and fume components, are designed to exhibit self extinguishing characteristics, and only emit white, semi-transparent, non-toxic smoke in the event of combustion taking place. This allows fire exit signs to still be visible, enabling trap persons a safe passage through smoke, which contains no poisonous toxins, namely halogens.

This shroud is a genuine LSF Zero Halogen product, as manufactured by CMP Products. It is clearly self extinguishing and emits only white, non-toxic smoke. The material used in the manufacture of these shrouds has been independently tested by London Underground technical services and as such, as been certified for use on both LUL’s network and many other mass transit systems, the world over.

If you request a LSF product, this is the quality of material that you should expect.”

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