A Supplier Of Mains Earth Bars

A Supplier Of Mains Earth Bars

Mains Earthbars

Approximately 300,000 lightning strikes hit the ground in Britain every year, with 30% reported to cause severe damage. In a world of increasingly complex and sophisticated buildings, it poses a significant risk to a wide range of structures, including the danger of fires. The air around a lightning strike is exceptionally hot, being estimated to reach 20,000 Celsius, which is hotter than the surface of the sun.

Whether you run a factory, oil facility or telecommunications station, there is the need for effective protection from this type of damage; lightning is unpredictable and safety measures must be in place all year round.

An earth termination system is crucial for dispersing a lightning current safely into the ground. Earth bars are an important part of this, as they’re an easy way to provide a common earth point.

If you need to purchase a Mains Earth bar, ETS Cable Components supply earthing and lightning protection products from leading manufacturers, including those from nVent ERICO.

ETS Cable Components have an extensive range of earth bars, including those without links, single disconnectable links, and twin disconnectable links.

Among our quality range is the EBAR 1000 which is intended for the connection of main bonding and circuit protection conductors. Manufactured from high-quality hard drawn copper, this Mains Earth Bar has a black powder-coated steel channel base.

We also have the EBAR 600 which is a main earthing terminal, intended for the connection of main bonding and circuit protection conductors.

Bespoke earth bars can be manufactured to your design specification. As LV & HV equipment becomes smaller, it is sometimes necessary to manufacture earth bars that require the same specification, but must fit a smaller space. Within our extensive range, we also offered tinned bars for harsher environments.