A Huge Choice Of J Hangers

A Huge Choice Of J Hangers

Range Of J Hangers

At ETS Cable Components we have thousands of power cable accessories to make your job easier, including a range of J hangers which are ideal for securing power and telecommunication cables, especially when there are long, horizontal runs such as power and transport tunnels.

ETS Cable Components have this type of hanger in many different forms, including this 6 Way Galvanised Steel J Hanger which is ideal for bundled or multi-core power cables.

These types of J hangers are used widely within public mass transport systems all over the world, including the London Underground Network.

Each J hanger is manufactured from mild steel bar, hot rolled structural steel and hot-dip spin galvanised after manufacture.

‘Mild’ means that steel contains only a small percentage of carbon (it’s often known as ‘low carbon steel’), making it strong and easily worked without being readily tempered or hardened. However, while it might be highly malleable, mild steel has a poor resistance to corrosion so it’s important that the metal has a specialist finish. Thanks to today’s equipment and welding techniques, this is extremely easy to achieve.

Since it has less carbon, mild steel is also more ductile and weldable than other types of steel.

We also have the Pegasus J Hanger System in various diameters, including 50mm, 75mm, 100 mm and 107mm. This type of J hanger is manufactured to survive even the harshest environments, with a marine grade aluminium strengthening spine.

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