3M Tape For All Your Industrial Requirements

3M Tape For All Your Industrial Requirements

3M Tape

Do you need a regular supplier of 3M Scotch Tape?

As a nationwide distributor of power cable accessories, ETS Cable Components have an extensive range of products available for working in the rail or industrial sectors, including an array of products from one of the world’s top manufacturers 3M.

A short history of 3M.

3M was originally a small-scale mining venture that began in Minnesota in 1902, when its five founders were trying to harvest a mineral known as corundum from a mine called Crystal Bay.

While their original quest might have been unsuccessful, they ended up turning their attention to other products and materials, and it was their spirit of innovation and collaboration that led to the foundation of one of the world’s most successful companies. One of their first products was masking tape along with waterproof sandpaper and adhesive cellophane tape.

Today, their 60,000 products are used in a wide range of industries and one third of their sales come from products produced in the past three years.

Among our catalogue of products is a range of 3M MV Scotch Tape which are designed to complement our selection of MV termination kits. Our range from 3M includes Self-Amalgamating Tapes, Electrical Tape, Fire and Electric Arc Proofing Tapes, Semi-Conductive Rubber Tape, and Glass Cloth Electrical Tape.

Their Semi Conductive Rubber Tape can provide shielding for cable joints on solid dielectric insulated power cables and electrically round-out MV connectors.

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