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MD+/FiloSeal+ Duct-Sealing Systems

The FiloForm MD+ Filoseal fire resistant duct-sealing system is a flexible, thixotropic silicon-based compound which can be used to form a fire-resistant barrier for upto two hours to all MD-range duct-sealing products. MD+ compound is installed with any conventional skeleton gun.

Once cured the compound forms a non-toxic gas and water-tight seal with resistance to alkaline, chemical agents, oils and greases with excellent shock-absorbing characteristics.

  • Flexible, one-compartment compound
  • Resistant to high levels of gas and water pressure
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Excellent mechanical strength once cured
  • Compatible with ATEX and WIMES 3.02 regulations

Fire resistance in conformity with the standard BS EN1366-3 2009 has been tested and approved by Warrington Fire, when installed in accordance with the Filoform installation instructions.

Each FiloSeal+ kit features tri-flexible foam flanges which are installed around cables/pipes and provide a backing onto-which the MD+ flexible silicon-based compound is applied, forming a fire-resistant barrier for upto two hours.

Available in two kit sizes:

  • FiloSeal+ KIT125 to suit 75-125mm bore holes/ducts
  • FiloSeal+ KIT200 to suit 150-200mm bore holes/ducts
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MD+/FiloSeal+ Duct-Sealing Systems

Order Reference Product Name Qty
MD+310ML FiloForm MD+ Duct-Sealing Compound
FiloSeal+ KIT125 FiloSeal+ Duct-Sealing System - 75-125mm Ducts/Pipes
FiloSeal+ KIT200 FiloSeal+ Duct-Sealing System - 150-200mm Ducts/Pipes
Order Reference Volume Weight Diameter
MD+310ML 310ml - -
FiloSeal+ KIT125 - - 75-125mm
FiloSeal+ KIT200 - - 150-200mm